It cannot possibly get more behind-the-scenes than this! Concerts in people’s living rooms. Delicious homemade food. World-class cosiness.

HOYMAbit is the name of a series of domestic concerts with the wonderful companionship and true hospitality of everyday Faroese families.

HOYMAbit is also an example of Faroese wordplay. The Faroese word for home is spelled “heima”, but its local pronunciation in this part of the islands is “hoyma”. Meanwhile, “bit” – pronounced “beet” – means “bite”. This word is derived from the world of sheep farming, an important aspect of traditional Faroese life. A “bit” is the term for an area of the outfield especially well suited for grazing, indicating a place where the sheep can grow fat and healthy. “Bit” also sounds the same as “beat” – as in musical beat – so the full term, HOYMAbit, can be translated as “music at home”. Which it is.