Venture back in time. A visit to Blásastova (literal translation: Blásus’ house), a farmer’s house from 1833, affords you an exceptional opportunity to see how the Faroese of old lived their daily lives.

In 1970 the local museum Gøtu Formminnisfelag purchased the ramshackle house and commenced repairs and restoration work. Just a year later the Danish Crown Princess Margrete II and her husband Henri paid Blásastova a visit.

In the former haybarn (restored 1974–75) most of the working tools can be viewed and experienced in a natural setting. These tools were usually used in the fields and the outfield, as well on board the boats.


Blásastova’s closest neighbour is Glyvrahanusarhús (literal translation: the house of Hanus of Glyvrar). The local museum purchased the building in 1973 and had it restored to house a variety of museum activities, such as meetings and assemblies. It is frequently used for meetings, special occasions and other events. The house is readily open to interested visitors.

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