The Boat and Art Museum

The Boat and Art Museum is housed in the former fish-drying house on Leirvík Harbour.

The museum has several old Faroese boats and a large number of tools, which together beautifully show the bygone era when the old rowboat was the mainstay of Faroese society.

The art department of the museum features a large collection of paintings by Jóannis Kristiansen (1918 – 1988) and Sámal Toftanes (b. 1945). Sámal Toftanes was born in Leirvík and is still a prolific artist today.

The museum is an excellent venue for meetings, lectures and other events, and may be hired by prior arrangement.

Opening hours

Tuesday: 2 PM – 5 PM
Thursday: 2 PM – 4 PM

Entrance fee

Adults: 75 dkr.
Children: 25 dkr.
Groups (+8 people): 50 dkr.


Telephone: +298 73 01 50
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