Hallbera’s shop at Tungugøta 14, Syðrugøta, is brimming with beautiful knitted clothing, all created in-house. Hallbera Ólavsdóttir spends a large part of her spare time knitting and sewing unique and characterful woollen garments, which she sells under her brand Hallbera.

It is obvious that Hallbera is diligent and enthusiastic in her work. The beautiful clothes speak their own language. Many of the patterns recall the loveliness of Faroese nature.

Hallbera’s interest didn’t come from nowhere. She more or less grew up in Tøtingarvirkið – the old yarn factory that her parents founded. The plant has since shut down, but Hallbera never relinquished her interest in knitting.

Tungugøta 14, Syðrugøta
Tel. +298 211251
Email:  hallbera@hallbera.fo