Eysturkommuna Town Hall

The Eysturkommuna town hall has received several international awards, such as the Global Architecture & Design Awards (GADA) 2018. The GADA voting committee presented the town hall with the top award in the Public Buildings category. A staggering 748 projects from 50 countries participated in the GADA for awards in architecture, landscaping, urban design, product design and indoor design.

The Eysturkommuna town hall is more than a building: it is also a bridge between two communities. The structure blends beautifully into nature while retaining a modern design. As the town hall’s architects state, building into the ground is a theme in Faroese housing design. This theme is perfectly articulated in the composition of the town hall. The respect for nature in its conception and the symbolic bridge it forms between two communities caused the voting committee to express that the Eysturkommuna town hall is “a truly special building”.

Osbjørn Jacobsen Arkitektar – part of Henning Larsen Architects – designed the town hall. Osbjørn was also among the architects in charge of creating The Harp in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Take a tour of the unique town hall

Public tours of the building are given on Tuesdays at 16:00 and Saturdays at 12:00.

Oyran 2, Norðragøta
Tel +298 730000
Email: eystur@eystur.fo